Productos Martín

Productos Martín is a pioneering family business in the carob sector in the Balearic Islands.

Mission and vision

We seek to give the value it deserves to one of the most important raw materials of the Balearic Islands: the carob. Taking care of all the people who are involved with the product: the farmer, the farmer and the producer and preserving the local varieties of carob trees.

We make a sustainable quality product being key in the circular economy. We continue to investigate all the new techniques for carob preservation and growth. And we disclose the multiple benefits resulting from research.

sustainable product

Our services

Purchase of carob

Sale of agricultural raw materials (feed and cereals)

Home water transportation

Materials for: agriculture, horticulture, floriculture

Trucks and containers for the collection of: carob, almonds, etc.

Agricultural consulting, experts in carob

Our values

Preserve local varieties

Appreciate the work of the farmers

Disseminate the benefits of carob

Investigate the potential of carob

we take care of the sector

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