Productos Martín

Welcome to Productos Martín, a company dedicated to the production, processing and distribution of high quality and ecological carob. With more than 80 years of experience in the agricultural sector, we work to provide a product of the highest quality.

family business


We started our activity in 1945 in the hands of Juan Martín, lover of carob and visionary of the product. In our beginnings we were dedicated to purchase and sale of carob and farms, and to investigate the possibilities of this product. Over the years the company grew to become a benchmark in the Balearic Islands as an industry specializing in Mallorcan carob.

With the arrival of the second generation, Sebastiá Verger and Evaristo Martín began researching and experimenting with the multiple benefits of carob. They worked hand in hand with the farmers to raise the value of this unknown product at that time and considered as a food only for animals.
Currently, with the third generation, the original values of defense of the land and the role of the peasants are maintained and the legacy of the carob is still present with the work of its chopping and the locust bean. In addition, Juana Verger, an expert in the carob sector, created Es Garrover de Mallorca, a company dedicated to the commercialization of Mallorcan organic carob products.


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